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Le Comptoir du Boeuf


Our beef is specially selected by our butcher.


Before being delivered, some of our pieces of meat are stale on bone 3 and 4 weeks to give them a tenderness and a more pronounced taste.


In our restaurant, we mainly serve ribs, rump steak, entrecote and filet.


What is stale meat?


Good mature meat starts with a good butcher! It makes it age a few days in a cold room to make it softer, juicier Netplus tasty. The beef carcass thus ages up to 4 weeks in an atmosphere between 0.5 and 2 degrees.


This maturation is reserved for a few exceptions, steak in first position.


During this process, the meat dries slowly and loses all useless moisture, the fibers stiffen, the fat hardens and a protective rind is obtained. This allows the meat to not shrink when cooked, and its fat goes to melt in the muscle, which gives an extremely tender and melting meat.


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"Le Comptoir du Boeuf"